Children’s Dreams: Notes from the Seminar Given in 1936-1940 (Philemon Foundation Series)

As a consequence, most of the cosmogonic archaic beings are hermaphrodite.

This is connected with the fact that man, from the dawn of history, has had a notion of his double gender.

As a matter of fact and truth, we are of double gender, because only the greater part of the male genes decides whether the embryo becomes a male.

The female genes do not die away in the male, but are there in his structure, and function according to their femaleness.

This accounts for the peculiar fact that in certain men we can perceive certain female traits that correspond to the feminine ideal (and vice versa, male traits in women).

There are persons who boast of their bisexuality because it is an archetype: “I carry Eve in me, so I am a god.”

God has His wife in him. In India, goddesses are only the feminine form of a masculine god: Shiva is a point or a phallus, and it is enveloped by Shakti:~Carl Jung, Children’s Dreams Seminar, Pages 37-38.