People who know nothing about nature are of course neurotic, for they are not adapted to reality.

They are too naive like children, and it is necessary to tell them the facts of life, so to speak–to make it plain to them that they are human beings like all others.

Not that such enlightenment will cure neurotics; they can only regain their health when they climb up out the mud of the commonplace.

But they are only too fond of lingering in what they have earlier repressed. How are they ever to emerge if analysis does not make them aware of something different and better, when even theory holds them fast in it and offers them nothing more than the rational or “reasonable injunction to abandon such childishness?

That is precisely what they cannot do, and how should they be able to if they do not discover something to stand on?

One form of life cannot simply be abandoned unless it is exchanged for another.

As for a rational approach to life, that is, as experience shows, impossible, especially when a person is by nature as unreasonable as a neurotic. ~Carl Jung, Memories Dreams and Reflections