C.G. Jung Letters, Vol. 1: 1906-1950

To Father Victor White

Locarno, until 1oth of April

My dear Victor, 27 March 1947

As you see I avail myself of your kind permission to call you by your first name.

I hope you will reciprocate by calling me C.G. which is the current designation of my unworthy “paucity.”

Well-I have to apologize for not having answered your interesting letters.

The reason is: I have been completely swamped by an article which I had to elaborate for a new edition.

It is that risky thing about the Holy Trinity.

My efficiency is still very restricted and thus I have to drop everything else when I have to do something that really demands attention.

I have finished the paper now.

It is going to appear in a book called Symbolik des Geistes.

The book will include Dr. Scharf’s essay on Satan and two other papers of mine, “Psychologie des Geistes” and “Der Geist Mercurius.”

In the meantime I have read your paper about Revelation with the greatest interest.

I must say it gave me a new light on St. Thomas.

His views are really astonishing.

It looks now very much more possible that he is the author of the Aurora Consurgens.

I thank you very much that you let me have your paper.

With your kind permission, I should like to quote something of it in my paper on the Trinity.

I think his angels and demons are simply wonderful.

X. is indeed on the right track in suspecting subatomic physics to be in secret league with psychology.

I am hovering over that point too and keep my mind busy with digesting physical facts and theories.

As soon as I get back to Zurich, I will read your paper once more, looking up the thing I want to quote.

It is of course that excellent point that revelation has more to do with good imagination than with good morals.

I should even say that there is only a good prophet when the devil has caught hold of one of his legs.

I beg your pardon!

I suppose you had to be mighty tactful in your paper; there are some pretty vertiginous corners.

That is of course because St. Thomas is really a great man quite apart from his saintliness.

I am looking forward to the summer.

The weather here is execrable.

For 10 days it is just pouring and no sunshine whatever.

It even has snowed down to the 900 m. level.

In Zurich the weather is much better.

It has helped my concentration on my work.

I shall not lecture in Ascona.

Working out my last lecture has given me no end of trouble.

It has gone into print.

But no proof sheets yet.

I have not seen 0. yet, since I avoid patients.

Hoping to see you in Ascona !

Yours cordially,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, Pages 452-453.