Psychology and Religion: West and East (The Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Volume 11)

The man who is only wise and only holy interests me about as much as the skeleton of a rare saurian, which would not move me to tears.

The insane contradiction, on the other hand, between existence beyond Maya in the cosmic Self, and that amiable human weakness which fruitfully sinks many roots into the black earth, repeating for all eternity the weaving and rending of the veil as the ageless melody of India—this contradiction fascinates me; for how else can one perceive the light without the shadow, hear the silence without the noise, attain wisdom without foolishness? ~Carl Jung, CW 11, Para 953

It requires no art to become stupid; the whole art lies in extracting wisdom from stupidity.

Stupidity is the mother of the wise, but cleverness never. ~Carl Jung, CW 13, Para 222