The Red Book: A Reader’s Edition (Philemon)

For those interested in “Runes” I suggest you read Footnotes 157 and 232 in Dr. Jung’s “The Red Book.”

It is difficult to post the “Rune” here because some of the symbols used cannot be transposed.

Also, there is a passage in The Red Book which says:

“I do not recognize him, the solitary. What is he saying? He says:

“I suffer fear and distress for the sake of man.”

I dug up old runes and magical sayings for words never reach men. Words have become shadows.

Therefore I took old magical apparatuses and prepared hot potions and mixed in secrets and ancient powers, things that even the cleverest would not guess at.

I stewed the roots of all human thoughts and deeds. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Paragraphs 130/132.

Odin of Norse Mythology is also referred to in The Red Book:

“I recognize you, Philemon, you most cunning of all fraudsters!

You have deceived me. You impregnated my maidenly soul with
the terrible worm.

Philemon, damned charlatan, you aped the mysteries for me, you lay the mantle of the stars on me, you played a Christ-fool’s comedy with me, you hanged me, carefully and ludicrously; in the tree just like Odin, you let me devise runes to enchant Salome-and meanwhile you procreated my soul with the worm, spew of the dust. Deception upon deception!

Terrible devil trickery! ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, The Magician, Page 327.

Footnote 343 in The Red Book reads:

“In Norse mythology; Odin was pierced by a spear and hung from the world tree, Yggdrasill, where he hung for nine nights until he found the runes, which gave him power.”

Image below: An inscription using cipher runes, the Elder Futhark, and the Younger Futhark, on the 9th-century Rök Runestone in Sweden