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Carl Jung’s touching letter to Aniela Jaffe.


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C.G. Jung Letters, Vol. 1: 1906-1950

To Aniela Jaffe

Dear Aniela, Bollingeil, 10 August 1947

I thank you with all my heart for your response to my “Trinity”: I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful one. It is a “total” reaction, and it had a “total” effect on me too.

You have perfectly imaged what I imagined into my work.

It again became clear to me from your letter how much one misses when one receives no response or a mere fragment, and what a joy it is to experience the opposite-a creative resonance which is at the same time like a revelation of the feminine being.

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It is as though a wine, which by dint of toil and sweat, worry and care has finally become mature and good, were being poured into a precious beaker.

Without this receptacle and acceptance a man’s work remains a delicate child, followed with doubting eyes and released into the world with inner anxiety.

But when a soul opens to the work, it is as though a seed were lodged in good earth, or the gates of a city were closed in the evening, so that it can enjoy surer repose.

I thank you.


C.G.J. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, Page 474.