Children’s Dreams: Notes from the Seminar Given in 1936-1940 (Philemon Foundation Series)

I think there is a very elaborate parallel in Tantric Yoga.

This visualizing yoga knows seven mandalas, situated one above the other, which correspond to certain body parts, and which are successively to be awakened and meditated by the ascending Kundalini serpent.

The lowest of these mandalas is the earth lotus.

It corresponds to the gray mouse.

It is the place of the world-bound souls.

In its center there is the lingam, colored like a fresh sapling, perhaps reminiscent of a worm.

Coiled around the lingam, the Kundalini serpent sleeps.

In it sleeps the essence of the highest experience.

When it awakens, it ascends, passing through all lotuses to bring them to life.

It is the driving force, the compulsion to become conscious.

The animals in our dream can be seen as a transformational form of the Kundalini.

The dragon in the second lotus corresponds to the snakes in our dream.

Above, there is the fire circle, the center of emotions.

This is the navel lotus, in the region of the solar plexus.

The fish correspond to the heart-lotus, with a fleeing antelope.

Nearby there is the place of the “divine wish-tree.” In this lotus thinking begins.

Then follows the ether airspace or firmament-lotus, which reveals its connection with the blue mouse by its blue ovary and by its name, “circle of purification and ablution.”

Above, in the two-leaved, winged circle of knowledge, there are no longer any animals.

There the yogi sees the highest, eternal god, the incarnate, primordial man.

And finally, in the highest, thousand-petaled lotus, the yogi receives the “knowledge of one’s own self.”

The name of this place is “eternal blessedness,” and some call it salvation, Atman knowledge, or knowledge of existence itself. ~Carl Jung, Children’s Dreams Seminar, Pages 353-355.