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Carl Jung: One could describe these movements . . . as levitation,


Jung’s Last Years and Other Essays (Jungian Classics Series)

In 1961, the year of his death, looking back on the phenomena he had observed, Jung wrote in a letter:

“I have seen objects moving that were not directly touched, and moreover under absolutely satisfactory scientific conditions.

One could describe these movements . . . as levitation, if one assumes that the objects moved by themselves.

But this does not seem to be the case, because all the bodies that apparently moved by themselves moved as though lifted, shaken, or thrown by someone’s hand.

In this series of experiments I, together with other observers, saw a hand and felt its pressure-apparently the hand that caused all the other phenomena of this kind.

The phenomena have nothing to do with the “will,” since they occurred only when the medium was in a trance and precisely not in control of his will.

The phenomena seem to fall into the category of poltergeist manifestations.” ~Aniela Jaffe, Jung’s Last Years, Page 11.