[Dr. Jung wrote that “Answer to Job” was the one work he would not rewrite and that “The Red Book” was his most important work but in no wise intended for his work or any aspect of Psychology to constitute the construction of new religious truths.]

“Another equally serious misunderstanding lies in imputing to psychology the wish to be a new and possibly heretical doctrine.

If a blind man can gradually be helped to see it is not to be expected that he will at once discern new truths with an eagle eye.

One must be glad if he sees anything at all, and if he begins to understand what he sees.

Psychology is concerned with the act of seeing and not with the construction of new religious truths, when even the existing teachings have not yet been perceived and understood.

In religious matters it is a well-known fact that we cannot understand a thing until we have experienced it inwardly, for it is the inward experience that the connection between the psyche and the outward image or creed is first revealed as a relationship or correspondence like that of sponsus and sponsa.” ~Carl Jung, Psychology and Alchemy, Page 14, Paragraph 15.