Memories, Dreams, Reflections

The old man said that this was the true religion of all peoples, that all Kevirondos, all Buganda, all tribes for as far as the eye could see from the mountain and endlessly farther, worshiped adhista that is, the sun at the moment of rising.

Only then was the sun mungu, God.

The first delicate golden crescent of the new moon in the purple of the western sky was also God.

But only at that time; otherwise not.

Evidently, the meaning of the Elgonyi ceremony was that an offering was being made to the sun divinity at the moment of its rising.

If the gift was spittle, it was the substance which in the view of primitives contains the personal mana, the power of healing, magic, and life.

If it was breath, then it was roho Arabic, ruch, Hebrew, ruach, Greek, pneuma wind and spirit.

The act was therefore saying: I offer to God my living soul.

It was a wordless, acted-out prayer which might equally well be rendered: “Lord, into thy hands I commend my spirit.”

Besides adhista the Elgonyi we were further informed also venerate ayik, the spirit who dwells in the earth and is a sheitan (devil).

He is the creator of fear, a cold wind who lies in wait for the nocturnal traveler.

The old man whistled a kind of Loki motif to convey vividly how the ayik creeps through the tall, mysterious grass of the bush.~Carl Jung, MDR, Page 267.