To Father Victor White

Dear Father White,                                                               13 April 1946

I was very pleased with your letter and I hasten to answer it at once.

It is a nice idea of yours that you want to come out to Switzerland between July and September.

The time that would suit me best would be between the 12th and 27th of August.

I should like you to consider yourself as my guest during your stay here.

I shall be in the country, on the upper part of the lake of Zurich, where I have a little country place.

If you are a friend of the simple life you will have all the comfort you need.

If your tastes should be too fastidious you would find it a bit rough.

To give you an idea: I do my own cooking and chop my own wood and raise my own potatoes.

But you have a decent bed and a roof over your head and we shall have plenty of time to discuss anything under the sun.

As to clerical garments, you need no disguise whatever, since we shall be in a Catholic country, not very far from the famous monastery of Einsiedeln.

But I warn you to bring something old and disreputable with you so that you spare your good clothes, and a pair of light shoes for occasional sailing on the lake.

In alchemy you find many references to the homo quadratus, which is always an allusion to mercurius quadratus, i.e., the hermai.

The quadratura is a symbol for totality.

Yours sincerely,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Pages 419-420

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