“The Way of the Cross” [Paragraph 2]

Truly; the way leads through the crucified, that means through him to whom it was no small thing to live his own life, and who was therefore raised to magnificence.

He did not simply teach what was knowable and worth knowing, he lived it.

It is unclear how great one’s humility must be to take it upon oneself to live one’s own life.

The disgust of whoever wants to enter into his own life can hardly be measured.

Aversion will sicken him. He makes himself vomit. His bowels pain him and his brain sinks into lassitude.

He would rather devise any trick to help him escape, since nothing matches the torment of one’s own way.

It seems impossibly difficult, so difficult that nearly anything seems preferable to this torment.

Not a few choose even to love people for fear of themselves.

I believe, too, that some commit a crime to pick a quarrel with themselves.

Therefore I cling to everything that obstructs my way to myself. ~Carl Jung; The Red Book; The Way of the Cross; Paragraph 2.