To Markus Fierz

Dear Professor Fierz, 22 June 1949

I have read your great paper in the Eranos-Jahrbuch with avid interest.

1 I find it extraordinarily stimulating.

However, I am turning to you in another matter, namely the enclosed manuscript which Pauli has prompted me to write.

It is a putting together of my thoughts on the concept of synchronicity.

Since physicists are the only people nowadays who would be able to deal with such a concept successfully, it is from a physicist that I hope to meet with critical understanding although, as you will see, the empirical basis seems to lie wholly in the realm of psychic phenomena.

I should be extraordinarily grateful if you would be kind enough to go over my thinking critically, and grateful too for any criticism you may offer.

Unfortunately I am moving in very difficult and obscure territory where reason can easily go astray.

But as the problem seems to me of first-class importance, I would not like to neglect anything that might help the discussion.

I hope I am not making too heavy demands on your valuable time.

With best thanks in advance,

Yours sincerely,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Pages 529-530

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