God’s Life is Eternity, The Archetype of Time, which may be called His Grandson:

But God is the creator of time also, for he is the father of time’s father, that is of the universe, whose motion he has mad the origin of the former. Thus time holds in relation to God the positive of the former. Thus time holds in relation to God the position of the grandson.

For this world, inasmuch as it is sense perceptible, is the younger son of God. The elder son, the intelligible world, he considered worthy of the birthright and intended it to remain by his side. So this younger son, the sensible world, when set in motion, caused the nature of time to emerge brightly.

Thus with God there is no future, since he has brought the boundaries of the ages under his own power. For God’s life is not a time, but eternity, the archetype and pattern of time; and in eternity there is neither past nor future, but only present existence. ~ Philo of Alexandria (Deus 31-32.)


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