You see, the ego in the three-dimensional sphere necessarily seems greater than the self, because the self is not three-dimensional.

The concept of the self implies a space-denying existence, the four-dimensional is the denial of the three-dimensional, so to speak of four-dimensional is the denial of the three-dimensional, is complete nonsense.

It is a denial of space.

Therefore the self is best indicated by the “bindu” creative point, and the ego would extend outward into three-dimensional space; s you can make it bigger, as the earth to us seems to be bigger than the sun though in reality the sun is much bigger.

The things which are smallest in the self or for the self are the biggest in space, and you can safely conclude that all the big mighty things in the outside world are just nothing in comparison with the self. ~Carl Jung, Zarathustra Seminar, Pages 417-418.

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