To Jakob Amstutz

Dear Pastor Amstutz, 28 March 1953

Excuse the delay in answering your kind letter of 9 March.

It is indeed a pleasant exception.

For there are exceptions.

Otherwise dismal darkness reigns.

My criticism of the Yahwistic God-image is for you what the experience of the book was for me: a drama that was not mine to control.

I felt myself utterly the causa ministerialis of my book.

It came upon me suddenly and unexpectedly during a feverish illness.

I feel its content as an unfolding of the divine consciousness in which I participate, like it or not.

It was necessary for my inner balance that I made myself conscious of this development.

Man is the mirror which God holds up to himself, or the sense organ with which he apprehends his being.

So-called progress makes possible a tremendous multiplication of man and leads simultaneously to a spiritual inflation and to an unconsciousness of God (genetivus accusativus!).

Man confuses himself with God, is identical with the demiurge and begins to usurp cosmic powers of destruction, i .e., to arrange a second Deluge.

He should become conscious of the tremendous danger of God becoming man, which threatens him with becoming God, and learn to understand the mysteria Dei better.

In the Catholic Church, faith is not so dangerous in practice.

The Church stands on two feet, Protestantism only on sola fide, therefore faith is so important to it but not to the Catholic.

Sometimes semel credidisse is sufficient for him since he has the ritual graces.

With best greetings,

Yours sincerely,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 111-112.