[Carl Jung on how you can become your own Sun-Rise.]

The collective unconscious must be thought of as a world of images equivalent to the outer world which, is the world of real objects.

This formulation must be limited, however, by the recognition that both worlds are psychological functions only, that is, they are subjective.

The collective unconscious is also defined as the unknown side of objective reality. Anima and animus are as it were messengers from the world of unknown images to our consciousness (op. persona).

We can never enter the collective unconscious but we can send the anima or animus to bring us information.

By making things with your hands without conscious intent you find a vision of the things of the unconscious.

The inspiration working through your hands is animus or anima.

This function is personified, and we consider it as intelligent.

So we should talk to our animus or anima.

To do this requires a certain dissociation, allowing the side associations to come up, and from these you can conclude the character of the ruler of these side associations.

In difficult situations you talk to yourself, intuitively knowing that you are yourself and also that other.

So you listen to the inner mentor, you develop the inner ear; or you write automatically, and a word is formed by your hand, or your mouth speaks that which you have not thought.

Where one is identified with the collective unconscious, there is no recognition of the things which come from the unconscious, they cannot be distinguished from those of the self.

Such a condition is a possession by the anima or animus.

Possession by the animus or anima creates a certain psychological hermaphroditism.

The principle of individuation demands a dissociation or differentiation of the male and the female in ourselves.

We must dissociate our self from the unconscious.

In states of excitement we speak to ourselves as though to an excited horse, that bit is the part possessed by the anima. In a woman the animus is multiform so that he cannot be nailed down so wall as the anima.

When you can establish a communication between yourself and your to your other side, you begin a certain development.

Then the anima begins to function properly, and you begin to find that the anima begins to function properly, and you begin to find that the anima has certain qualities behind her, and you can learn of her power.

You can learn about the contents of the collective unconscious.

Then the anima becomes less and less a personification, she becomes a function, but only when the collective unconscious is exhausted, when the constellated problems or images have been realized; that is, when you have already obtained an impersonal attitude.

The result brought about by communion with the anima results in individuation.

By this objectivation you are detached from those things to which you were identified.

Formerly the emotion had you, but by this objectivation you learn what you really are, you cut yourself out of the historical process; you fit yourself to be no longer just the product of the historical process.

You become the maker of the now day; you are your own sun-rise.

Until we do this, we are merely the result of the past.

But, by achieving this connection with the soul figure, you become the ruler of your own fate. ~Carl Jung; Cornwall Seminar, Pages 26-27

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