Intuitives don’t have substance; they have inventiveness, imagination. They don’t complete anything. It is necessary for them to acquire this faculty. ~C. G. Jung, Emma Jung and Toni Wolff – A Collection of Remembrances; Pages 51-70.

The most pronounced intuitives have what the Scotch call second sight, they can, for instance, foretell the weather, many animals also have this last power. ~Carl Jung, ETH Lectures, Page 100.

They [Intuitives] draw the souls out of things and act according to what they discover by this process, just as if what they discovered were ordinary every day facts. ~Carl Jung, Lecture IV, 18May1934, Page 102.

Intuitives are often very poor because they never wait for the harvest. Carl Jung, Lecture V 25May1934, Page 107.

Intuitives show a quite extraordinary inability to register sensation facts, they have extraordinary fantasies about a thing, they intuit what is inside the locked drawer, but have no idea what the bureau looks like outside. ~Carl Jung, Lecture III, 4May1934, Page 101.

She had very changeable looks, as so many intuitives do, and could sometimes look beautiful and sometimes quite plain. Her extraordinary brilliant eyes-mystic’s eyes-were always expressive. ~Helena Henderson on Toni Wolff, Carl, Emma, Toni Remembrances, P. 31.

When one assumes a perceptional attitude toward one’s unconscious, an attitude often to be observed in certain intuitives, one makes no effort to assimilate the material into the personality. ~Carl Jung, 1925 Seminar, Page 73

Therefore intuitives develop all sorts of physical trouble, intestinal disturbances for instance, ulcers of the stomach or other really grave physical troubles. Because they overleap the body, it reacts against them. ~Carl Jung, Zarathustra Seminar, Pages 1391-1392.

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