The pharaohs were considered to be gods incarnations of falcon-head Horus, children of the sun god Re.

They were descendants of the Amun, regarded as the first Egyptian king, who in turn descended from the sun-god Ra and the falcon god of kingship Horus.

Egyptians believed they were given their authority to rule when the world was created.

\Referred to as the “lord of all the sun disk encircles,” the Pharaoh was believed to be one with the universe and the gods and was regarded as an intermediary between the gods and people on earth.

Through them the life force was conveyed from the gods to the people.

A Pharaohs coronation was viewed not as “the making of a god but the revealing of a god.” According to the ancient Egyptians, the pharaohs were the link between heaven and the earth and their breath kept the two worlds separate.

Image: Amenhotop I

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