Then a most disagreeable thing happened. Salome became very interested in me, and she assumed that I could cure her blindness.

She began to worship me.

I said, “Why do you worship me?”

She replied, “You are Christ.” In spite of my objections she maintained this.

I said, “This is madness,” and became filled with skeptical resistance.

Then I saw the snake approach me.

She came close and began to encircle me and press me in her coils.

The coils reached up to my heart.

I realized as I struggled, that I had assumed the attitude of the Crucifixion.

In the agony and the struggle, I sweated so profusely that the water flowed down on all sides of me.

Then Salome rose, and she could see. While the snake was pressing me, I felt that my face had taken on the face of an animal of prey, a lion
or a tiger. [Footnote 10] ~Carl Jung, 1925 Seminar, Pages 104-105.

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