Archetypal lovers Romeo and Juliet portrayed by Frank Dicksee

One can speak in beautiful words about love, but about life? And life stands above love. But love is the inescapable mother of life. Life should never be forced into love, but love into life. May love be subject to torment, but not life. As long as love goes pregnant with life, it should be respected; but if it has given birth
to life from itsel£ it has turned into an empty sheath and expires into transience.

I speak against the mother who bore me, I separate myself from the bearing womb. I speak no more for the sake of love, but for the sake of life.

The word has become heavy for me, and it barely wrestles itself free of the soul. Bronze doors have shut. fires have burned out and sunk into ashes. Wells have been drained and where there were seas there is dry land. My tower stands in the desert. Happy is he who can be a hermit in his own desert. He survives. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 327.

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