Dear Frau N., 6 March 1959

Many thanks for kindly telling me your Ufo dreams.

Understood as a psychological phenomenon, Ufos compensate our insecurity in this world.

They are like an assurance that we have a connection with the extramundane.

As a general rule it may be taken as axiomatic that the patient always gets stuck just where the analyst can make no further progress himself, so your conjecture is probably right.

Your son has, of course, a considerable mother complex that prohibits him from leaving the maternal magic circle and standing on his own feet.

One must in the end be able to withstand one’s own panic.

For your part, you need the inner certainty of instinct which an animal has: when the time has come, it bites its young away from the feeding trough.

It is quite clear that your son should risk taking his exam, but he can only do that if he gives up his infantile dependence for good and all.

He handles himself with imitated maternal feelings and kid gloves when e should summon up the courage to give himself a cruel pinch or two.

Too much of that kind of handling has an anaesthetizing effect and undermines his morale.

He needs more of a cold water treatment.

Tender solicitude saps his strength.

This is roughly what I would tell you or your son in a consultation.

With friendly greetings,

Yours sincerely,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Page 492

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