Albert Oeri, his childhood friend and later editor of the Basler Nachrichten, who rose to a position in the Swiss National Council, relates:

“I suppose I saw Jung for the first time in my life when we were still very small boys.


My parents were visiting his, and they wanted their little sons to play together.

But it was no use.

Carl sat in the middle of a room, busying himself with a little game of ninepins and not taking the least notice of me.

Why do I even remember this encounter after some fifty-five years?

Probably because I had just never run across such an asocial monster.

I was brought up in an exuberantly crowded nursery, where you either played together or got beaten up, but either way you constantly associated with people; he was all by himself-his sister had not yet been born at that time.” Carl Jung, Jung: A Biography, Pages 29-30


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