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C.G. Jung Association of Central Ohio

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C.G. Jung Center of Analytical Studies

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C.G. Jung Club of Orange County, CA

C.G. Jung Foundation of New York City

C.G. Jung Institute of Boston

C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago

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C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco

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Connecticut Association of Jungian Studies

Dream Studies/Lucid Dreaming

Enrique Eskenazi Blog

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Friends of Jung [South Alabama]

Gnosis Archive

Foundation for Mythological Studies

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Haden Institute [North Carolina]

Hilde Kirsch Children’s Center

Houston Jung Center


International Association for Jungian Studies

International Association for the Study of Dreams

The International Society for Psychology as the Discipline for Interiority

James Hollis

Journey Conferences [North Carolina]

Jung 2.0

Jung, Crop Circles and the Re-Emergence of the Archetypal Feminine

Jung Circle

Jung Cleveland

Jung Currents

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Jung in Seattle

Jungian Psychotherapists Association

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Kieffer E. Frantz Clinic

Maine Jung Center

Marija Gimbutas

Marion Woodman Foundation

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Amy and Arnold Mindell Website –

Minnesota Jung Association

Myth and the Real World Blog –

Myth, Dreams and Symbols Forum

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Nour Foundation [Synchronicity]

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Personality and Consciousness Bookstore

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Sandplay Therapists of America

Saybrook Graduate School

Southern Arizona Friends of Jung

J. Gary Sparks

Tallahassee Center for Jungian Studies

Temenos Institute Website –


Abe Books –

Analytical Psychology – Journal of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

C.G. Jung Foundation Book Service

Castle Books



Inner City Books

Journal of Analytical Psychology

Journal of Jungian Theory and Practice

Jungian Analysts of Washington Association

Jungian Psychotherapists Association

Karnac Books

Kristine Mann Library

McKenzie Oaks Films

Midwest Book Review

The Mythos Series

North Pacific Institute of Analytical Psychology

Opus -Magnum


Philemon Foundation

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Spring Books and Journals

Spring Publications

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Association for Psychological Type International (APTi)

Carl Jung Depth Psychology Blog

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Open Foot [About the importance of Dreams]

Personality Type in Depth:

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Shaman’s Well,0

University of Toronto Jungian Society

Valerie Harms Blog


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C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology [Argentina]


Canberra Jung Society

C.G. Jung Society of Melbourne

C.G. Jung Society of Sydney

C.G. Jung Society of Queensland

C.G. Jung Society of Western Australia


Austrian Society for Analytical Psychology[OGAP]


Azerbaijan Psychological Association


Brazillian Society of Analytical Society

Himma Studies in Analytical Psychology

Jungian Association of Brazil

Jungian Institute of San Paolo

Jungian Institute of Rio Grande Del Sol

Jungian Thought


The Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation Cambodia


Association of Analytical Psychologists of Quebec

C.G. Jung Society of Calgary


C.G. Jung Society of Halifax [Canada]

C.G. Jung Society of Montreal

Jung Forum Association of Edmonton

The University of Toronto Jungian Society

C.G. Jung Society of Vancouver

C.G. Jung Society of Victoria


Foundation for Analytical Psychology CG Jung Chile


Chinese Psychological Society


Association for the Development of Analytical Psychology


Cuban Society of Psychology


Cyprus Psychologists Association


Carl Gustave Jung


C.G. Jung Institute of Copenhagen

Danish Society of Analytical Psychology

Forum of Analytical Psychology

Jung Association International

Dominican Republic

Dominican College of Psychologists


Association of Jungian Analysts

BBC Radio “In Our Time” Broadcasts

British Association for Psychological Type

British Association of Psychotherapists

C.G. Jung Analytical Club www.jungclub-lo

Champernowne Trust

C.G. Jung Public Lectures, Bristol

C.G. Jung Society, UK

British Association of Psychotherapists

Hereford-Monmouth Jungians

Guild of Analytical Psychology and Spirituality

Guild of Pastoral Psychology

Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists

International Association of Jungian Studies

Sesame Institute

Society of Analytical Psychology


University of Essex

The West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy


C.G. Jung Foundation of Equador


C.G. Jung Institute of France


Group of Study and Reflection of Analytical Psychology

European Center for Jungian Studies ECMA

European Association of Personality Psychology

Jung Association for Psychoanalysis


The Georgian Training Project


C.G. Jung Institute of Berlin

C.G. Jung Society of Cologne

C.G. Jung Institute of Munich

C.G. Jung Institute of Stuttgart

C.G. Jung Society of Ulm

Freiburg Forum of Analytical Psychology

Jung Journal and Forum

European Jung Societies

C.G.Jung Society Hamburg


Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists (IACP)

National Academy of Psychology (India)

USA-INDIA Jung Foundation


Indonesian Psychological Association


Irish Analytical Psychology Association


C.G. Jung Foundation of Israel
New Israel Jungian Society


Assissi Institute

C.G. Jung Club of Florence

Center of Analytical Psychology Studies

Center of Venetian-Jungian Studies

Gaia Association

Mediterranean Institute of Archetypal Psychology (IMPA)

Soul Studies


Japanese Psychological Association


Korean Psychological Association


Lithuanian Association for Analytical Society


C.G. Jung Center of Mexico


Carl Gustav Jung

Dutch Association for Analytical Psychology

Netherlands Jungian Institute

New Zealand

New Zealand Psychological Association


Psychological Association of the Phillipines


Institute of Psychology and Religion

Puerto Rico

Psychology Association of Puerto Rico


Romanian Association of Analytical Psychology


Association of Analytical Society in Russia

The East European Institute of Psychoanalysis

Jung Land


Singapore Psychological Association

South Africa

Southern African Association of Jungian Analysts (SASJA)


Carl Gustav Jung Foundation

Carl Gustave Jung Foundation [Facebook]


Spain Jung Association


CJP Center for Psychoanalysis

C.G. Jung Foundation of Sweden


C.G. Jung Institute of Zurich$Id=1001.html

C.G. Jung International Seminars [ISAP]

Foundation for International Jungian Psychoanalytical Training in Zurich


Ichthys Institute of Psychology and Religion

Research Training Center for Depth Psychology

International School for Analytical Psychology

Swiss Society of Analiytical Psychology

Lapis and Alchemical Retreat


Turkish Psychological Association


Welcome to the Psychological Society of Uruguay

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